Vision: We create educational environment where all children have a chance for a better life.

Mission: to the wise sower the grain does not fall on the path, rock or thorns, but falls into the prepared soil. The educational potential of our at-risk children often ends up as grain fallen on the path where it is trampled by parents with no vision or belief in the purpose of education and the possibility of success. The grains on the rock represent the aspirations of parents and children, but they have nowhere to take root and are burned by the rays of hopelessness, despair, helplessness and fear. The grain in the thorns represents a childhood lived on the streets, suffocated by the desires and values of a pathological environment, hunger or drugs. The grains in the good soil represent children who, through the process of education and upbringing, turn into conscious adults, actively involved in social life and taking responsibility for themselves, their family and their surroundings. Beleza strives to be a good sower, ploughing the soil with knowledge of poverty, the possibilities and limits of excluded localities, differences, habits or psychosocial motives. Beleza loosens the soil of work with children with kindness and acceptance, personal examples of hope and real resources. He waters the seeds with drops of sweat of work in and out of school, building values, creating positive educational stereotypes, so that the seeds falling into this soil will yield a hundredfold and a thousandfold benefit.

Method of our work:

The education and upbringing of children from socially excluded localities abound with a myriad of discovered and undiscovered, described and undescribed mechanisms that influence their success.

However, the history of education does not know any successful approaches for this target group, and therefore the school performance of these children is very poor and they end up failing their studies. It is the same in Ostrava - Přívoz.

The presented projects of Beleza - Mamaclub, z.s. respond to the needs and risks of children that condition their developmental and educational development (personal, intellectual, social, health). The authors of the projects present concepts of work with children from the Palacký Primary School in Ostrava with the aim of covering all the most important areas (developmental, social in relation to the immediate environment, social in relation to the majority, intellectual, preventive, values) that are crucial in the success of children's education in non-segregated primary schools.

Beleza - Mamamclub, z.s. motivates by personal example. The organization's management is represented by Roma, which is one of the most fundamental and important arguments that education is one of the most important ways to achieve social inclusion and professional employment for a happier life.