Welcome to the page of Beleza - Mamaclub, z.s. 

Beleza - Mamaclub, z.s. 

Welcome to the website of Beleza - Mamaclub, z.s.

We will try to portray our organization, describe our goals and activities, the way we work and convey to you the "reality" of life in Ostrava, especially in the excluded locality of Ostrava - Přívoz as we see it.

We believe that you will like our website and that the information will be clear and distinct. Nevertheless, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address: belezamamaclub@gmail.com

I wish you a pleasant reading,

Štefan Grinvalský, M. A. 

Director of the organization


About us

We are a non-profit organization Beleza - Mamaclub and the aim of our work is to prevent risky behaviour of children at risk and to support them in education and upbringing. The most frequent clients of our organization are Roma children or children experiencing poverty. The lack of education in the Roma or poor community is crucial. For several decades this community has been on the margins of society, living in poverty, suffering and exclusion. One of the biggest causes is low education and the impossibility of socialising and integrating into the Czech environment and the labour market.The education of children from socially excluded localities abounds with countless discovered and undiscovered, described and undescribed, mechanisms that influence its success.However, the history of education does not know of any successful concept for this target group, and therefore the school performance of these children is very poor and they end up failing. It is the same in Ostrava - Přívoz.The presented project responds to the needs and risks of children that condition their developmental and educational development (personal, intellectual, social, health). The authors of the project present a concept of work with children from the Palacký Primary School in Ostrava with the aim of covering all the most important areas (developmental, social in relation to the immediate environment, social in relation to the majority, intellectual, preventive, values) that are crucial in the success of children's education in non-segregated primary schools.

Who are we dealing with ? Primarily children from socially excluded localities, Roma children, children from poor families, children of other ethnicities and children who are disadvantaged in some way. These are children without opportunities and possibilities to prepare for school or to spend quality leisure time. We strive to create conditions that ensure a better start in life and their development.


We are trying to prepare children especially for school. But we also care about how they spend their free time. That's why we combine kindergarten with leisure and leisure with school.

Success of ouf children is aim of our work.