Projects and their sustainability

By registering in the school registers, both institutions will receive partial security of funding (70%-100%). We intend to obtain the other part of the funding from the local government, the Education Department of the MMO or the MKJ.

With the results of the work we want to approach other donors, especially from the EU, and secure the funding of the respective organisations.

Integration into society is not a process of one, two or three years, but requires long-term efforts. A successful integration process in adulthood requires a successful integration process in childhood. It should be noted that despite successful integration in childhood and adulthood, a member of a minority group will not become a 100% member of the majority society, but will always perceive the nuances of intercultural differences that will upset him/her.

The project is prepared with the educational and training needs of children in mind and respects their starting position, i.e. socio-cultural and economic difference as well as the very weak stimulating environment affecting cognitive, social, physical and biological development.

The project creates an adequate space for the possibility of "fighting" the desperate state of socially excluded localities full of negative social and behavioural patterns, which are the most frequent cause of child crime, which is already encountered in preschool children.

The central idea of the project is: "Let the school teach more than the street" which in another way is a fight for the child's time and educational influence.

The time and intensity of educational work is therefore one of the highest values of the project, which distinguishes this concept from all others, especially the unsuccessful ones.

Most of the above activities are already tested and we know their effect.

We are convinced that the educational results will speak louder than the formulated sentences.

Aktuální projekty 

Vše na čem nyní pracujeme

Christian primary school, kindergarten, primary art school and leisure centre

The lack of education in the Roma or poor community is fundamental. For many decades, this community has been on the margins of society, living in poverty, suffering and exclusion. One of the biggest causes is low education and the impossibility of socialising and integrating into the Czech environment and the labour market.

We want to change this situation. Current school systems fail to respond to the social, material, developmental and educational needs of children. Living in socially excluded localities threatens the moral and value development of children. Alcohol, drugs, vending machines, poverty, hunger, domestic or street violence as well as criminal behaviour are their daily reality.

In order for children to succeed in their lives we need to protect these children, educate them, give meaning to their schooling, positive relationships not only in their immediate environment but also teach them rules and build a value system.

School is the one place in which children spend most of their time and is often the only place that significantly directs their lives. Unfortunately, the schools that our children attend are often places where they experience humiliation, disappointment, bullying or, on the contrary, reinforce with their classmates that school is a necessary evil that they must survive and do not count on further education. The most extensive research reports that teachers' expectations are also almost zero, which affects their attitude and motivation to teach.

We conceive our educational action as assistance and accompaniment, based on the preventive system of the Italian educator Bosco, who elaborated the work with vulnerable groups of children and youth. The core of the prevention system is the prevention of situations that lead to risky behaviour. Prevention consists primarily in meeting the basic needs of the child, which are demonstrated by the four environments and are essential for the harmonious, healthy development of the child. The prevention system is implemented in four elements. The first is the home, representing acceptance and relationships. The second element is the school, representing the basis of education and vocational training, and the third element is the playground, representing a place of meeting, joy and play. The church, as a place for encountering God and developing a relationship with Him, is the last element, the fourth. The realization of all four elements is a prerequisite for mental and spiritual development, the all-round development of the personality, providing the basic conditions for successful inclusion in social life and in the life of the Church.

Church, home, playground and school is an educational concept that encompasses the most important aspects of child and youth development and for this reason we are establishing a school that will focus on education but also become a home to which they will return with joy every day. Inextricably linked to the school and the house is a playground on which children can play, in our case to engage in long term sporting activities that will enable us to educate children, overcome their personal limits, teach respect for authority and build positive relationships with themselves, their own identity and friends, and enable them to meet children across borders. Whether at home, at school or on the playground, any activity without God is an empty activity.

Our work is also a mission, which we see as a gift from God. That is why we want the center of our work in creating a home, at school, on the playground in forming relationships to be God and His church in which we are all to grow, especially those to whom we are called.

In order to make our school meaningful and as close to our educational goals as possible, we are establishing a nursery school, a primary art school and a leisure centre in addition to the primary school, which will be open weekends and holidays. The centre will offer extra-curricular activities in addition to tutoring, so our educational activities will extend to weekend and holiday residential events, which are crucial in changing the behaviour of these at-risk children.

We started the establishment of the school entity by submitting an application for registration in the school register to the Regional Office of the Moravian-Silesian Region. The application has been forwarded to the Ministry of Education from where we are waiting for a response. 

Job Agency

Funding a nursery, school, primary art school and leisure centre is a significant financial challenge.

Spending time away from an excluded location, whether in the mountains, at camps or other residential events, means paying for the costs associated with these events.

In addition to tutoring activities, the centre will also offer leisure activities and our educational activities will extend to weekend and holiday retreats, which are key to changing the behaviour of these at-risk children.

Funding from the Ministry of Education will always cover a maximum of 75% of our mandatory expenditure. We have to pay the remaining 25% ourselves. Private schools are subsidised by the tuition fees paid by parents.

In the case of weekend, holiday or other residential activities, we have to cover the expenses ourselves.

In our case, we cannot count on parents' payments. Therefore, we are setting up an employment agency as a permanent means of raising resources to pay for educational, training and residential activities or expenses related to the running of the school.

The employment agency provides employment, which we intend to take full advantage of in employing parents of children who attend our school.

We see frequent contact with parents as an opportunity to develop a relationship that results in mutual trust, shared worthiness and, most importantly, the success of the family and the children on their life journey.

It costs 750 thousand Czech crowns to set up the agency. The amount includes the mandatory deposit of money to the Czech National Bank which serves as the principal.

The labour agency is being established within the framework of Beleza - mamaclub, z.s. but will have its own structure and management.

We are now in the phase of approaching donors and potential donors.

The third area

The third area

This project aims to help people who are in a current crisis. Due to the specificity of our focus and subsequent effectiveness, we do not disclose more information - but believe me, what we do makes sense!