Situation in our locality in Privoz 

In December 2020, the organisation conducted a field survey to find out "where we stand on kindergarten attendance".

The survey took place in the streets of the Moravská Ostrava and Přívoz district, mainly in the streets of Palackého, Jílová, Gebauerova and the surrounding area. Persons included in the survey were contacted by random encounters on the streets and by referring persons already contacted. Other contacted persons were participants of the Beleza - Mamaclub, z.s. projects or and the survey was carried out in their flat and the last group of respondents was contacted by door to door method.

A total of 95 semi-structured questionnaires were administered whose aim was to determine the interest in formal and non-formal education. A sub-objective was also to ascertain the attendance of children aged 3-5 years.

The table shows that of the respondents, no children aged 3 years attend kindergarten. Of the 27 children interviewed, only three attend kindergarten. At the age of 5 years, 42 children were interviewed and 13 of them attend kindergarten.

Survey results:

Age of children. attending not attending

3 years 0 children 26 children

4 years 3 children 24 children

5 years old 13 children 29 children